It is our honor to recruit military personnel in transition. We provide employment assistance to United States Armed Forces Commissioned Officers, Non-Commission Officers, and Military Personnel who are eager to add value to your organization.

Benefits to Employers
Benefits for Former Service Members
We typically place talent in key positions in the following areas:

•Expertise with a great work ethic
•Great talent pool
•Tax Credits
•Deep discounts on placement fees (up to 20% discount on market fees)

•Free or low-cost resume and job seeking assistance solutions
•Access to our knowledgeable recruiters and Career Coaches
•Access to computer training
•Soft skills training and seminars

                   •Business Management
                   •Business Development
                   •Human Resources
                   •Business Operations

The United States Armed Forces trains and educates some of the most innovative leaders with the greatest work ethic in the United States. After these trained professionals leave the military, they seek to build their civilian careers, with their impeccable skills, leadership, and unyielding drive to succeed as well as motivate others. Our recruiters are experienced in identifying top talent from members of the Armed Forces who are transitioning from the military to civilian careers. We thoroughly screen all potential candidates, test their skills, and can offer assessments to ensure results and identify the candidate’s potential. Let us help you hire talent who have served our country and is now poised to serve your organization!